When I first heard “Running” from Papa San ft. Tasan, I instantly liked the feel of it. I was like this is hot, and I don’t care what people say about Christian music. But after listening to it again and again, I realized “Running” was resonating with me more than just sonically. I think this song deals with a struggle that many Christians, including myself, go through. I like to call this struggle “spiritual amnesia” [I wish I could claim this term, but I totally stole it]. We go through periods when we forget who we are, who God is, and just take off running. Some people have this spiritual amnesia their whole life, but others run back to God, worn out from running in circles, like the line from the song:

God, him saying, never let me go/Me tired of the ride and the merry-go

It makes me think of Pastor Jeremy’s message “A Fresh Start”, when he talked about Peter betraying Jesus and then running away sobbing. He turned his back on the Son of Man, thinking he would never see him again. He left the disciples and returned to fishing fish. But while fishing Peter saw the resurrected Jesus and didn’t hold anything back, running to Him.
What was Jesus’ response? He renewed Peter’s hope and purpose, gave him peace, and restored their relationship.

Just like Peter God wants to see you smile and come back home. Will you remember Him?

You can get this song and album on iTunes. It is filled with good reggae and features Lecrae, Da Truth, Israel Houghton, and more.



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