A Movie That’s Creating A Lot Of Buzz Right Now, So I’m Going To Write Something About It

Let me start by saying the following will not rhyme.  If that’s what you were hopeful for because I’m writing it, I’m sorry.  Please continue to read anyway.

Now, let’s get some facts out there right from the get-go about the movie “Noah”.

Fact: Not really that great of a movie from a strictly cinema judgement perspective.

Fact: Not really based much on the Bible.

And let’s be honest, there is likely no one reading this who is going to contend otherwise regarding those statements.

However, despite these facts, I’d like to challenge you to NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT THE MOVIE!!!

I know, it’s easy to get up in arms about Bible stories being told wrong, and that’s what I want to talk about.  I’m going to elaborate slightly on 3 points: The Makers, The Viewers, and The Story.


The Makers

The main writers and director are known for movies like Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, Gladiator, Rango, 007 Skyfall, and more.  Not a rich history of Bible-based entertainment.  However, for Noah, they decided on a Bible story.  I like the switch!  Let me tell you why by asking you to use your imagination with me.  Imagine you have a family member who doesn’t like Jesus or church.  Then one day you find out that they get the BCC weekly e-mail.  Doesn’t that make you a little happy?  I mean, it’s not like they’ve decided to leave their job to go to seminary to become a missionary to the remote tribes in the jungles of South America.  But it does mean that the might be slightly interested in maybe seeing what church people might be doing sometimes.  What a great step in God’s direction!  Now make a leap back to the makers of the movie.  They’ve been pretty successful without involving much God content in their work.  And yet, something made them want to do a Bible story.  Sure they butchered the story.  And maybe they made the movie to exploit the crazy Jesus people who will buy out a theater for a private viewing(that’s us).  But I say, jokes on them.  Our Jesus craziness caused them to take a step toward God.  I’d say that’s kind of the goal.

 The Viewers

I’m going to lump the viewers into two categories: Jesus Followers and Non-Jesus Followers

Jesus Followers… you probably know that the movie wasn’t Biblically accurate.  And I bet that didn’t change your entire belief system.  I’m guessing there are no people who claim Jesus as Lord that left the theater saying, “Well I guess I’m not gonna follow Jesus any more.  I don’t like the way His Dad acted back in Noah’s day… according to that movie.”  I know that’s slightly over the top, but I think you get it.  My guess is that there is a better chance that Jesus followers instead went home and read the story in the Bible, and maybe even read it to their kids.  Why?  Maybe because the movie reminded them how much they don’t quite remember about Noah, and how long it’s been since they read Genesis.  Thus, the movie has not only NOT dissuaded Christians, but more likely has caused them to dig into the Word even more.

Non-Jesus Followers… This opinion is completely unfounded, but my guess is that there aren’t many out there saying, “And that’s why I hate God!  He turns angels into rocks!”  Again, over the top.  But the point is, the chances of someone believing that the movie is accurate is slim.  And if any of the many nonsensical parts of the movie(welder’s masks, pregnancy tests, rock angels, fireworks, etc.) cause them to open a Bible for 5 minutes to see if it’s in there, then it’s worth it.  Is it not?

 The Story

Ok.  I know the Noah movie was wildly inaccurate – almost inexcusably so.  But let me remind you that many of the fairy tale versions of Bible stories we’ve heard and told are also wildly inaccurate.  For example:  how cute is the story of David and Goliath as it’s been ingrained in your head since you were small? (if you didn’t grow up in church, David, the scrawny 14 year old managed to hurl a rock so hard at this dude bigger than Shaq that when it hit him in the head he died.  Then the little squirt chopped off the big fella’s head and held it up dripping blood and puss and spinal column.  Neat story, right?  But all the people who grew up in church currently have a vision closer to Sesame Street than 300 Spartans)  And this is my point.  We’re all guilty of getting the stories wrong.  We’ve all heard and told them wrong.  Maybe not with made up rock angels holding massive welded chains.  But wrong.  Let’s not get too offended by the story being wrong.  Let’s instead focus on what it may have shed new light on.  How many of us have read Bible stories and completely disregarded the fact that these people were real – with emotions, inner struggles, flaws, and weaknesses.  Do I think Noah wanted to kill his grandchildren?  No.  But do I think it was ridiculously hard for him to save only his family while watching the rest die?  Yes.  Do I think he met opposition while building the boat?  Yep.  Do I think that’s all articulated in the Bible?  Not as much as it actually existed.  This is why I’m not worked up about the inaccuracies.  Because some of that crazy movie flavor actually captures the human element we too often leave out when we read the Bible.

Finally, let me say that I completely understand that the Word of God is sacred.  That it’s important not to take it out of context, and it’s important to study it and know it correctly and spread the truth of it correctly.  But I just can’t imagine anyone truly considering the movie an actual depiction of the events that took place according to the Bible.


I think that the biggest harm that will come from this movie is those that claim Jesus throwing rocks at those who might be inquiring about God.  So, please resist if you have the urge to jump head-first into the pool of haters.  Hating is just not what Jesus is about.

But oh yeah… don’t spend your money on the movie in the expensive theater.  It’s not really worth the monetary investment.  Unless your alternative is going to some almost-a-porn R-rated movie.  In that case, it’s better to watch an almost-a-Bible-story PG-13 movie.

And here’s something totally unrelated that Pastor Jeremy or Pastor Toran might edit out:  How are so many BCC family members going to show up on time and early to a free movie that’s FAR from accurate, but stroll in 15-30 minutes late for a church service that IS Biblically accurate?  🙂 gotcha!

Stay Up.

Chris Reif



  1. Just saw this tweet from @YouVersion: People opening the Noah story in Genesis 6 increased about 300% in US & 245% globally on @YouVersion.

  2. Better late than never, right? Thanks for this blog Chris, I read and enjoyed it back in April but just didn’t comment 🙁 Shame on me! I really thought it was great–food for thought, perspective shifting and humor to boot! When its all said and done, the movie didn’t move me but the fun, family outing that we made it was Pretty Sweet!

  3. In the simplest of terms and modern day sayings, this is a must read and fun read! Seriously, good enjoyable blog reading at it’s finest here by a fun loving, laughing, and sound found faith based brother in Christ. Noah in scripture so much surpasses that of Noah on the screen that one dare not be confused or compare. I am thankful and approve this message and messenger to be vital part of our expression and Heart of God perspective.

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