What does it Look Like to be a Christian who is Not Struggling? part 1 of 4

This /bläg/ identifies with countless Christians (let’s put it this way)…

A post collegiate Christian shared with me modestly that they were contemplating what type of local church would they want to belong. They humbly identified themselves as successful, educated, happily married, secure in their faith in Jesus Christ, a Bible reader and believer, a home owner, a financial good steward, steadily saving and progressing, actively healthy and fit, and strongly supported with family and friend relationships.

For many of us, this sounds too good to be true, but it is relatable for countless Christians and perhaps this sounds just like you. The Holy Spirit prompted this question in me, “What does it Look Like Scripturally to be a Christian who is Not Struggling?” i believe GOD gave me a spirit of wisdom, revelation, and opened my eyes of enlightenment to examples in the Bible who “Look Like” such answers. This is my actual subject so stay tuned, but for a storyline let me unearth the question and title a little more.

“Not Struggling?” I thought Christ came because we struggle? Moreover, isn’t Christ Who we go to when we are struggling or have struggles? Certainly so!

James 2:5 states,

Listen, my beloved brothers and sisters, has not God chosen those who are poor by worldly standards (in struggling) to be rich in faith and heirs of The Kingdom, which He has promised to those who love Him?

However, are sectors of Christians and the portrayal of Christianity overly associated with struggling and barely making it? Unfortunately, the contrast exist as well for those who are driven by performance and perfectionistic tendencies who may wear a facade of “Not Struggling,” but could be crumbling inside behind the concealment. Well then this should make sense, Christians Struggle. This simply reveals why we need The Savior and Lord to lead us to safety and stability. After all, we say we want our Christian Worship Services to invite and include non-Christians and Christians Struggling because:

  • people need care
  • some people are stricken by sickness
  • the souls of some need serious spiritual and social skills in relationships
  • the teachings of Truth transform us away from self defeating and limiting habits
  • people can be forgiven for their less fortunate decisions and offenses
  • other people have minimal resources in networking and/or the natural.

Interdependent, Interdenominational, Interracial, and at the Cross cultural, Word Based, Spirit-Filled churches like bcc are called to a mixed multitude ministry where Struggling or Not Struggling does not divide nor define us, but where Christ unifies us. Churches from England, Israel, the US, Des Moines, and Ames, Iowa testify of how Christians who are “Not Struggling” experience internal uncomfortableness, resistance, or desire to be around demographics like themselves when the “Struggling” Christians begin to pervade their community or local church body. I think that is why The Kingdom of God builds and establishes God Houses of His people who are overcomers from various struggles? We are testimonies of Christ’s Redemption and Restoration.  (continue reading: part 2)

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  1. Very identifiable, Pastor T. Much of my world view has been shaped by your heart to see the “mixed multitude” come together unified around Christ. Thank you!

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