What does it Look Like to be a Christian who is Not Struggling? part 4 of 4


This name was applied to the associate of Paul, who was originally called Joses or Joseph (Acts 4:36), as a testimony to his eloquence. Its literal meaning is “son of prophecy.”  This is interpreted in Acts 4:36 as “son of Encouragement” or “son of exhortation,”or “son of consolation.”He was a Levite from the island of Cyprus, and relatives of the evangelist Mark the writer of The Gospel that bears his name.  When we first learn of Barnabas, he had removed to Jerusalem, and acquired property there. He sold “a field,” and contributed its price to the support of the poorer members of the church (Acts 4:36). In Acts 11:24 he is described as “a good man and full of the Holy Spirit” and of faith,” traits that gave him influence and leadership. Possibly on the ground of former acquaintanceship, interceding as Paul’s sponsor, and surely, he removed the distrust of the disciples at Jerusalem and secured the admission of the former persecutor into their fellowship. When the preaching of some of the countrymen of Barnabas had begun a movement toward Christianity among the Greeks at Antioch, Barnabas was sent from Jerusalem to give it encouragement and direction, and, after a personal visit, recognizing its importance and needs, sought out Paul at Tarsus, and brought him back as his associate. At the close of a year’s successful work, Barnabas and Paul were sent to Jerusalem with contributions from the infant church for the famine sufferers in the older congregation (Acts 11:30). Ordained as missionaries on their return (Acts 13:3), and accompanied by John Mark, they proceeded upon what is ordinarily known as the “First Missionary Journey” of Paul (Acts 13:4,5).

  • Here we read of another New Testament early church member who was clearly “a Christian who was Not Struggling.” Rather, he was a unmarried man who dedicated himself to the work of the Kingdom of God ushered in by the New One Way of Jesus Christ of Nazareth revealed as The Messiah. He fulfilled his purpose, gifting, and descriptive name as the “son of Encouragement.” Reading and rehearsing his profile reminds us of how he used his fortunate life and Not Struggling as leverage to make a divine difference in people’s lives, communities, and participated in setting the course of Christ even in the world today. This is what i want my life to look like in many ways.


The name is Roman and belonged to distinguished families in the imperial city. Thus he was probably an Italian of Roman blood. Julian the Apostate reckons him as one of the few persons of distinction who became a Christian. He was evidently a man of importance in Caesarea and well known to the Jews (Acts 10:22). He was a centurion in the Italian cohort. His Character- He is described as devout and God-fearing, i.e. at least, one of those men so numerous in that effete age of decadent heathenism who, discontented with polytheism, yearned for a better faith, embraced, therefore, the monotheism of the Jews, read the Scriptures, and practiced more or less of the Jewish rites. He was well reported of by the Jews, and his religion showed itself in prayer at the regular hours, and in alms to the people (of Israel). Even Jewish bigotry was dumb in presence of so noble a man. Moreover, he seems to have made his house a sort of church, for his kinsfolk and friends were in sympathy with him, and among the soldiers who closely attended him were some devout ones (Acts 10:1,27). He is not formally or officially a proselyte. We regard Cornelius as literally the first-fruits of the Gentiles. The step here taken by Peter was therefore one of tremendous importance to the whole development of the church. The significance of the incident consists exactly in this, that under Divine direction, the first Gentile, not at all belonging to the old theocracy, becomes a Spirit-filled Christian, entering through the front door of the Christian church without first going through the narrow gate of Judaism. The incident settled forever the great, fundamental question as to the relations of Jew and Gentile in the church.

  • Well my word count is into overage suggested, so i leave us with what started my spirit and soul quest.What does it Look Like to be a Christian who is Not Struggling? Please consider these scripturally revealed four Christians and what their lives looked like.
  • How many characteristics of renown, influential, Not Struggling does your life testify drawn from their scriptural profiles?
  • Write a comment and/or discuss with a friend honestly what your life looks like?


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