Together: A Covenant

Try to imagine a business partnership where one partner was responsible for marketing and the other partner was responsible for production and inventory. There would need to be a great deal of communication between the two…i.e.” I just sold 1000 widgets. Do we have that in inventory or do we need to ramp up production?” For success, communication like that would need to be almost continuous. Without communication the business will surely fail.

Our relationship with our Father God is a kind of partnership. We call it covenant but really it is a partnership, (God brings into the partnership a lot more than we do). But communication is still very important.

Now think of another type of earthly partnership (covenant). I’m talking about marriage. Communication is again very important. But so is trust and commitment. Actually, all three are interdependent.

If I had just one piece of advice for building a strong marriage it would be to pray together on a daily basis. Mt. 18:19 says if you agree it will be done.  Mt.5:23,24 says we need to settle our differences before we come to the altar (an altar is where we meet God, not necessarily a physical place. It can be anywhere). Amos 3:2 says we need to be in agreement to walk, (eating, sleeping, living) together.

To realize the benefits of Mt. 18:19 you must comply with Mt. 5:23-24. There are many other guidelines for prayer (they are not rules, for we are not under the Law), Too many to cover here, I will mention two:

  1. Read and pray the scriptures. They are the basis of our faith and we need to pray in faith.
  2. Pray in tongues.

God has given us the flaming sword mentioned in Genesis 3 and placed it in our hands (mouth). We do have access to the tree of life . The flaming sword mentioned in Genesis 3, is praying in tongues. Praying with your spouse, in faith and in tongues, is a powerful weapon. We need to use it.

-Dr. Elvin Thompson


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