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Together: A Covenant

Try to imagine a business partnership where one partner was responsible for marketing and the other partner was responsible for production and inventory. There would need to be a great deal of communication between the two…i.e.” I just sold 1000 widgets. Do we have that in inventory or do we need to ramp up production?” For success, […]

A King’s Decree

I hope you don’t check this website everyday looking for this Blog. Hopefully I’m more faithful in other areas of my faith walk than I am in this… Imagine you are a ‘subject’ in a Kingdom and the King issues a decree stating that you are to love him with all of your being. If […]

North Star

One of the things I learned in college literature was that a relatively high percentage of poems were about dead people. So if you are clueless about the underlying meaning of a poem, as good a guess as any would be to say the poem is about someone who died. THIS IS NOT COLLEGE LIT. […]