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IN ARAMAIC talitha cumi means “little girl, get up.” It’s the language Jesus and his friends probably used when they spoke to each other, so these may well be his actual words, among the very few that have come down to us verbatim. He spoke them at a child’s funeral, the twelve-year-old daughter of a man […]

A Letter to HYPE

Dear HYPE, I just want to talk to you a little about why I’m here and I hope I speak for the other youth workers as well. HYPE. H.Y.P.E. Helping youth pursue excellence. Our desire is to help you, even though I often find myself being helped by you in one way or another. Then […]

Passion and Purity

I just wanna see passion and purity, active maturity, living for His glory alone. S.O. is one of my favorite artists. His song Passion and Purity is one of his best, and he  just released a video for it today (Valentine’s Day). I think this song is simple and straight to the point: In a […]

Dance or Die

WARNING: If you dislike fun for fun’s sake I would suggest you click here or press the back arrow in the top left corner of your screen five times. Otherwise, check out this video filled with Daft Punk-esque vibes, Tron era CGI, skinny jeans, salon quality hair, and what I can only assume is a hint of […]


When I first heard “Running” from Papa San ft. Tasan, I instantly liked the feel of it. I was like this is hot, and I don’t care what people say about Christian music. But after listening to it again and again, I realized “Running” was resonating with me more than just sonically. I think this […]