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When God Says No

No. I dated this guy for a couple of years and I thought he was “the one”. The one to put the ring on my finger, the one to sweep me off my feet and the one that I would be with until death do us part… at least that’s what I thought. Those were […]

Spiritual Beauty

We as children of God should begin to change the way we look at people, especially when it comes to love. I notice so many people who are only concerned about one thing, looks. We get so wrapped up in the outward appearance we forget appreciating a person’s true beauty is seeing the spirit inside […]

Rain brings Renewal

by Mwape Mwanakatwe “Nothing reminds us of an awakening more than rain.” ― Dejan Stojanovic Anyone who knows me knows that I can NOT stand rain. I hate getting soaked. I hate wet shoes and damp socks. I hate wet hair especially since I have natural hair which immediately goes into its original state when […]

Bigger Than Me Continued

 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?”  Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 I want to take this opportunity to introduce the mission’s team at BCC.   I believe that as the Body of Christ Church, we have a unique […]

The Garden of Eden

When I began to ask myself, what is God’s purpose for me and my life and in my struggles, I decided to re-read the Bible starting from the very first chapter, Genesis. In my moments of exploration, God’s original purpose for us began to reveal itself to me. My focus was in the Garden of […]

Trust and Expectation

Trust and expectation are not separate entities. In order to expect something you must trust that your expectation will be met. You cannot have partial trust in your expectation and expect that your expectation will be fully met. Likewise, you cannot expect something from God, and then trust God part-time to fulfill your expectation. Like a […]

What We Do Before Service

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Although Matthew 18:20 is a very common and well known verse, if you want to know what Pre-Service Prayer is all about this scripture truly captures its purpose. The bottom line is, there is great power […]

Tailgating: What I have learned

My Sunday morning preparation for service at BCC has changed significantly.  My well-established, engrained routine, pattern, and habit of Sunday morning preparation went like this:      Get up and get ready      Meet my friend at the Café at 9:00ish      Order the Café Combo or a bacon, spinach, mushroom omelet      Sit and talk until 10:30 (when the […]

Trust & Believe: It’s Not a Bad Thing

So I was driving this morning and “Not a Bad Thing” by Justin Timberlake came on the radio. Can’t lie, I definitely had to crank up the sound because #ThatIsMyJam. I’ve heard it a few times already but this morning was different. Not sure if it was the warm sun shining on my face or […]