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Want to know what your children and teens are learning and doing? Maybe you are looking for wisdom from some of the elders in the church. Do you love worshiping God? Maybe you are just interested in what’s going on around the web. We have it all and more here on our church blog.

Trust and Expectation

Trust and expectation are not separate entities. In order to expect something you must trust that your expectation will be met. You cannot have partial trust in your expectation and expect that your expectation will be fully met. Likewise, you cannot expect something from God, and then trust God part-time to fulfill your expectation. Like a […]

What We Do Before Service

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Although Matthew 18:20 is a very common and well known verse, if you want to know what Pre-Service Prayer is all about this scripture truly captures its purpose. The bottom line is, there is great power […]

Welcome 2015

The ball in Times Square is about to drop on a brand new year. There’s something about that that puts some wind in our sails to make some changes. But will we be one of the 8% to actually achieve our New Year’s resolutions (or whatever we call them)? At the beginning of this year […]

Tailgating: What I have learned

My Sunday morning preparation for service at BCC has changed significantly.  My well-established, engrained routine, pattern, and habit of Sunday morning preparation went like this:      Get up and get ready      Meet my friend at the Café at 9:00ish      Order the Café Combo or a bacon, spinach, mushroom omelet      Sit and talk until 10:30 (when the […]

How You Can Help Your Church Flourish

How can you help your church flourish?  Here’s an excerpt from Brian Houston’s book ‘How to Maximize Your Life’. ‘But the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly, multiplied and grew exceedingly mighty…’ (Exodus 1:7) Human nature, when left to its own devices, is prone to settling down and becoming comfortable. The biggest enemy […]

It’s Summer Time

Summertime is defined as a period of fruition (a state of bearing fruit), fulfillment, happiness, and beauty. Being in education, I get the opportunity to witness the excitement on the faces of students and teachers in anticipation of summer. It’s a time to finally get out of the building, go on vacation, get to the aquatic […]