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Want to know what your children and teens are learning and doing? Maybe you are looking for wisdom from some of the elders in the church. Do you love worshiping God? Maybe you are just interested in what’s going on around the web. We have it all and more here on our church blog.

What does it Look Like to be a Christian who is Not Struggling? part 1 of 4

This /bläg/ identifies with countless Christians (let’s put it this way)… A post collegiate Christian shared with me modestly that they were contemplating what type of local church would they want to belong. They humbly identified themselves as successful, educated, happily married, secure in their faith in Jesus Christ, a Bible reader and believer, a […]

It is yours from the Lord

As I look back on my 34 year journey I see many twists and turns, a  few leaps and bounds of growth, then delays and set-backs.  It wasn’t even til after graduation and a few years into marriage that what I should do with my life, what my purpose was, and what God was calling […]

Trust & Believe: It’s Not a Bad Thing

So I was driving this morning and “Not a Bad Thing” by Justin Timberlake came on the radio. Can’t lie, I definitely had to crank up the sound because #ThatIsMyJam. I’ve heard it a few times already but this morning was different. Not sure if it was the warm sun shining on my face or […]

Why These Songs

At BCC, our music has always been a large part of our identity. For example, you might think that the BCC worship service created a need for a music ministry. In reality, it was a group of students coming together to worship in the way they knew, forming Gospel Soul Innovators, that gave rise to […]


Noah: A Movie That’s Creating A Lot Of Buzz Right Now, So I’m Going To Write Something About It Let me start by saying the following will not rhyme.  If that’s what you were hopeful for because I’m writing it, I’m sorry.  Please continue to read anyway. Now, let’s get some facts out there right […]

Indescribable Gift

Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a blessing, a gift from the Lord.” (CEV)  Every child is an unrepeatable miracle.  Isn’t it remarkable to think that no one in the history of the world ever had, currently has, or ever will have your unique composition, your finger prints, or personality.  You are undoubtedly a one of […]