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Are You Hangry?

Have you experienced being hangry (so hungry you are angry)? You’re busy and forgot to eat lunch again, and you feel your flesh rise up and demand… a steak, cookies, pizza, it doesn’t really matter, just..SOMETHING..NOW! I have been there too. “For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink.” These are […]

Together: A Covenant

Try to imagine a business partnership where one partner was responsible for marketing and the other partner was responsible for production and inventory. There would need to be a great deal of communication between the two…i.e.” I just sold 1000 widgets. Do we have that in inventory or do we need to ramp up production?” For success, […]

A King’s Decree

I hope you don’t check this website everyday looking for this Blog. Hopefully I’m more faithful in other areas of my faith walk than I am in this… Imagine you are a ‘subject’ in a Kingdom and the King issues a decree stating that you are to love him with all of your being. If […]

Welcome 2015

The ball in Times Square is about to drop on a brand new year. There’s something about that that puts some wind in our sails to make some changes. But will we be one of the 8% to actually achieve our New Year’s resolutions (or whatever we call them)? At the beginning of this year […]

Tailgating: What I have learned

My Sunday morning preparation for service at BCC has changed significantly.  My well-established, engrained routine, pattern, and habit of Sunday morning preparation went like this:      Get up and get ready      Meet my friend at the Café at 9:00ish      Order the Café Combo or a bacon, spinach, mushroom omelet      Sit and talk until 10:30 (when the […]

How You Can Help Your Church Flourish

How can you help your church flourish?  Here’s an excerpt from Brian Houston’s book ‘How to Maximize Your Life’. ‘But the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly, multiplied and grew exceedingly mighty…’ (Exodus 1:7) Human nature, when left to its own devices, is prone to settling down and becoming comfortable. The biggest enemy […]