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What does it Look Like to be a Christian who is Not Struggling? part 1 of 4

This /bläg/ identifies with countless Christians (let’s put it this way)… A post collegiate Christian shared with me modestly that they were contemplating what type of local church would they want to belong. They humbly identified themselves as successful, educated, happily married, secure in their faith in Jesus Christ, a Bible reader and believer, a […]

It is yours from the Lord

As I look back on my 34 year journey I see many twists and turns, a  few leaps and bounds of growth, then delays and set-backs.  It wasn’t even til after graduation and a few years into marriage that what I should do with my life, what my purpose was, and what God was calling […]

Hearing God

I like to think of myself as a good  keeper of secrets (like in Seinfeld, if it’s in the vault, then it’s in the vault), but I really dislike not knowing secrets. I was the kid who searched for her Christmas presents and carefully lifted the wrapping paper to see what was inside. One year […]

North Star

One of the things I learned in college literature was that a relatively high percentage of poems were about dead people. So if you are clueless about the underlying meaning of a poem, as good a guess as any would be to say the poem is about someone who died. THIS IS NOT COLLEGE LIT. […]