A Healthy Church

Lord, Restore My Church

King David, a man after God’s own heart, finds himself in an unhealthy state. How did he get there? How did he recover? Take a journey with Pastor Anthony through the scriptures as he discusses three symptoms of being in an unhealthy place. What you learn may save your church?

A Healthy Core

At the core of an individual you find behaviors, habits and tendencies that are guided by core beliefs. These beliefs can be both positive and negative. This message provides perspective on how to improve the health of the core by recognizing, planning, and taking the necessary action to ‘ENTER IN’.

Shalom-Total Well Being

Some 700 years before Jesus came in the flesh, Isaiah, the prophet foretold of the Covenant established by Jesus at the cross. A Covenant of peace.  The Hebrew word for peace is shalom. It means much more than just peace, but also prosperity, health, right relationships, total well-being. In Is. 53:4 & 5, Isaiah says that Jesus […]