From Scratch

A Clean Slate

From the “From Scratch” series. Mark 11:22-25 [The Message] reads: Jesus was matter-of-fact: “Embrace this God-life. Really embrace it, and nothing will be too much for you. This mountain, for instance: Just say, ‘Go jump in the lake’ – no shuffling or shilly-shallying – and it’s as good as done. That’s why I urge you […]

A Fresh Start

From the “From Scratch” series. This message walks us through three significant encounters that Peter had with Jesus at the Sea of Galilee Through these encounters, we see how a fresh start renews hope, peace, and relationship.

I Can Relate, Part I

From the “From Scratch” series. I Can Relate. A) How to always get better by having times and seasons of new starts. B) Being conscious that Christ is for a complete you. C) Having a heart of forgiveness, clarity, and nearness. D) Acknowledging that character does count.