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  1. Taught, Elevated, Grew, Reached, & Effectively Impacted! Simply describing what happened to me and my innermost being as I listened on podcast to Sister Tyanez Jones, Iowa State University lecturer, take us to the components of the our core.

    A Healthy Core in no wise describes the half of this exhaustive, enlightening and eternally designed Word. My jaw kept dropping from how you engrafted every measurable idea, detail, data, quote, Greek definition, physiology metaphor, personal testimony, research, use of scripture, survey, prayer, how core beliefs function on our thinking, being hurt at church, and then major revelation knowledge on the prodigal son! I recognize your communication style and approach may have at it’s “core” a strong affinity within me, but as a woman of God, humble, gentle, and a light hearted spirit, & a spiritual sister, you preaching twin to your husband! The Jones.

    I will be prescribing this message to many ppl not for their listening enjoyment, but for their listening learning, healing, and gaining understanding what and why this Healthy Church series is really at our core. Totally Blessed! and lingering…

    Come Explore your Core…

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