A Shepherds Showcase: A Healthy, Happy Church

The New Summer Series: A Healthy Church
(but probably not what you’re thinking)


Here is a practical paradigm and real life relevance how to change and better your satisfaction in life. Pastor toran Informationally Introduces our subject with a down-to-earth questionnaire for our self evaluation and awareness of our basic needs being met. And once we define our Series approach is not solely about leadership stuff, but a healthy church starts with the 1, a healthy you and me. You see in this first message you will learn healthy is the equivalent of wellbeing or wellness.


Second, this Initial Inspirational Invocation Incites A Shepherd’s Showcase: (is) A Healthy, Happy Church.” God Created us as Happy and Healthy “well beings.” Therefore, the base theological theme is Restoration. Today’s Treaching breaks down the elements of wellness  into every aspect of our being.  This message takes the time that is left and “follows” King David and The Shepherd’s sheep in The Twenty-Third Psalm. By the time we skip to end, we have come into A Happy Healthy House of God, us HIS Church.


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