Accomplish What You’ve Never Seen Pt. 2

How to Accomplish what you have never seen before- second message.

We come right back to high affecting treaching on how OT Joshua applies to NT believers. Step out of the boat with Peter doing what he was seeing Jesus do and he too Accomplished walking on water, then his feet sinking / failing, and then he Accomplished it again. You will be inspired by the insight of Hillsong’s “Ocean” lyrics. Then the message rehearses the research discovered by Dr.Brené Brown causing us to see studied truths on how to dare greatly. This is the second message which builds upon what we passionately framed in the first message. On the edge of your seat, this continuation equips you to Accomplish the seen and unforeseen by Yeshua!


  1. I thank God for telling me to attend that Sunday because this really hit close to home. I have to listen to the over and over again. Thank you God Amen

  2. Thank you for the Etch-A-Sketch, I keep it on my dresser to remember the lesson! Re-listened to this today ~ thank you!

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