Posts from January 2014

To an Unknown God

About a decade ago, I came across an album by an acid jazz group.  I thought the music was pretty good, but one thing stuck with me (not the name of the group, regrettably).  A line in one of their songs said, “We live in an age of information, but no one knows what’s going […]


When I first heard “Running” from Papa San ft. Tasan, I instantly liked the feel of it. I was like this is hot, and I don’t care what people say about Christian music. But after listening to it again and again, I realized “Running” was resonating with me more than just sonically. I think this […]

North Star

One of the things I learned in college literature was that a relatively high percentage of poems were about dead people. So if you are clueless about the underlying meaning of a poem, as good a guess as any would be to say the poem is about someone who died. THIS IS NOT COLLEGE LIT. […]

The Goal of Parenting

What is the goal of parenting?  Simply put, to reflect God’s character to our children.  We want our children to tangibly experience the character and nature of God by the way we treat them, by the things we say to them, and by the way we relate to them. We all know none of us […]


We can all agree that whether seen in ourselves or in others, arrogance leaves a bad taste in our mouths.  Conversely, there is nothing quite as refreshing, disarming, and attractive as genuine humility!   James 4:6b says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Humility is not self-degradation.  It is, however, recognition of our inability to do what is right apart from God’s provision and an openness to receive what Jesus wants for, in, and through us by His Spirit!  Humility is depicted by child-likeness that allows us to remain teachable, moldable, and responsive to God’s heart!

How is a humble heart cultivated?