What does it Look Like to be a Christian who is Not Struggling? part 3 of 4

“So what does it Look Like… to be a Christian who is Not Struggling?”

Joseph of Arimathea

-was a “rich man” (Matthew 27:57), “a councilor of honorable estate,” or member of the Sanhedrin (Mark 15:43; Luke 23:50), “a good and righteous man …. who was looking for the kingdom of God” (Luke 23:50; Mark 15:43), and “himself was Jesus’ disciple” (Matthew 27:57; John 19:38). Although he kept his discipleship secret “for fear of the Jews” (John 19:38), he was yet faithful to his allegiance in that he absented himself from the meeting which found Jesus guilty of death (compare Luke 23:51; Mark 14:64). But the condemnation of his Lord awakened the courage and revealed the true faith of Joseph. On the evening after the crucifixion he went “boldly” to Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. There is a fine touch in that he himself took down the body from the cross. With the assistance of Nicodemus he wound it in fine linen with spices (compare Matthew 27:57, Joseph was a “rich man”) and brought it to the new sepulcher in the garden near the place of His crucifixion. There they “laid the body of Jesus in Joseph’s own tomb that was hewn in stone, where never man had yet lain.” (Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor. “Entry for ‘JOSEPH OF ARIMATHAEA'”. “International Standard Bible Encyclopedia”. 1915

What does Joseph look like:

  • financially well off
  • successful and honored position
  • man of God, good and right with The Lord
  • a Kingdom seeker
  • a disciple of Jesus
  • pardoned himself from the condemning, hagglers, & fault finding of Christ
  • courageous, rather be associated with Jesus than the friendships of the world,
  • generous and sacrificially gave God his investment in the grave spot & spices and
  • the part I highlight, he cared for “the body” of Jesus (today- body of Christ)

All these traits translate today to our post collegiate, builders, growing in maturity members, finding your place and fulfilling your scriptural part? Are you and i looking like a Christian who is “Not Struggling?”


The wife of Chuzas, Herod’s steward. She was one of the “women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities” which “ministered unto Him, (i.e. Jesus and His disciples) of their substance,” on the occasion of Jesus’ tour through Galilee (Luke 8:2,3). Along with other women she accompanied Jesus on His last journey from Galilee to Jerusalem, and was present when His body was laid in the sepulcher (Luke 23:55). She was thus among those who prepared spices and ointments, who found the grave empty, and who “told these things unto the apostles” (Luke 23:56-24:10). (Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor. “Entry for ‘JOANNA'”. “International Standard Bible Encyclopedia”. 1915.)

What does Joanna look like:

  • a wife
  • affluent by spouse’s position
  • healed and deliverance testimony of The Anointed One’s Power
  • a woman of God which contributed to Jesus, His disciples, & their ministry
  • accompanied Jesus’ journey and travel
  • present when Jesus’ body, (today- body of Christ) laid in tomb (going through difficulty)
  • served in burial spice ministry
  • faithfully stayed long enough with a hope in Jesus as The Messiah beyond the “end,” to discover an empty tomb & witness to The Resurrection, and
  • woman or not, but carried that Gospel message to the apostles themselves!

All these paralleled “Look Likes,” are to Christian married women who are Not Struggling. Sure perhaps even children in the home which present domestic struggles and strains, yet Joanna is a scriptural sight with an encouraging view.

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