Reach Across the World by Shopping and Serving in Ames

OVERFLOW Thrift Store is officially underway!  After diligent planning & preparation OVERFLOW is now open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The location is 202 South Duff, Ames – across from Dollar Tree – it was the location of Aaron’s and they’ve moved their store out of Ames so we took over the space.  We have collected and continue to collect items to sell, and we are renovating the store to make it perfect for us. Our current email address email is:

Overflow Thrift Store will be run by volunteers with 1-2 paid managers to oversee the operations.   We want to recruit as many people as possible to help out and put your talents and gifts to work in order to help the poor and needy of the world.

All the proceeds will go to ministries like Children’s Hopechest and Life to Life Africa so that we can help those in need around the world.  We currently sponsor 7 Kids in Uganda and will continue to do so through Children’s Hopechest.  We will add to the list of ministries as we grow.

There are TONS of ways you can help.  Take a look below and see if there is one that jumps out at you and then reply and let us know.  We’ll keep you in the loop then for that team.

  1. GIVE: You can donate your things.  Maybe you have garage sales, like to do spring cleaning every so often or like to help others to purge of their extra things.  We will take your donations.  We want to be the place that you can sell your possessions and see the proceeds given to the poor around the world.  Our donation days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 – Noon and by appointment.  It is best to email us to make sure someone will be there when you are dropping off items.  Email us at  These hours will expand, of course when the store is fully operating.
  2. SHOP: You can plan now to shop at our store.  We want to be a place that the frugally minded can shop and find great deals on things you can repurpose, reuse or re-craft into something better.  We will be open 4-5 days per week and will want people to know about it.  SO plan now to bring your friends on a shopping date starting July 25th.
  3. SERVE: There are lots of ways to serve.  We want to be a place that you can plug in with your unique gifts and talents to help the store grow and continue to give more to the poor and needy of the world.
    • Volunteer at the store during open hours – tentatively we will have shifts of about 2 to 4 hours for people to come ‘work’ at the store.  This will involve organizing, cleaning sorting and helping customers at the store as needed.  If you would like to help out at the store, we will have a calendar you can sign up on to help out.  We would like to have 4-5 people at the store most of the time so that there are plenty of people to help out customers or organizing as needed.
    • Volunteer on the CLOTHING TEAM to help with laundry, folder and sorting clothing – this will be on an as needed basis but could be in conjunction with the open hours and working at the store. Some things also need just a little touch up with an iron.
    • Volunteer with our REPAIR TEAM to do maintenance and repair on our building – this will be on an as needed basis but will need to be somewhat on call.  We need someone to be in charge of this, even if they aren’t the same person doing the work.   If you are handy and call change a light fixture or fix a toilet – this might be the team for you. Right now, our repair guys are busy building things, painting, and repairing to get ready for the opening date. There’s a group that’s working on Friday afternoons from 1:30pm-4:30pm. Please feel free to join us then.
    • Volunteer our MAINTENANCE TEAM to shovel at the store in the winter months or to mow the lawn at the store during the summer months. This will vary each year and will depend on rain & snow amounts obviously. Probably a once a week thing in the spring & summer time
    • Volunteer to help our RECEIVING TEAM to sort and organize new donations at the store – this will be likely done 2-3 times per week during open hours.
    • Volunteer to help our DELIVERY & PICK UP TEAM – we have a team of people to pick up larger items that people want to donate and get them to the store.  We would like to have someone in charge of scheduling pickups and deliveries once a month or as often as once per week if we have enough people for this team.  If you want to donate your time and your muscle, we could use you on this team.  If you are good at organizing & scheduling and want to be in charge of scheduling the pickups as well.
    • Volunteer on the MARKETING TEAM to help design ads and flyers, develop the website and help grow our marketing campaign.  We want to do promo ads and news releases about the store.  We want t-shirts and materials to market the store.  This could be done from afar if we have some people that want to help but live away from Ames.  If you are good with computers, websites or are good with design, then we want to talk to you about being on this team.
  1. PROMOTE: Help us promote.  Like our new facebook page and share our posts with your friends.  You can even help promote by talking about it with others or taking flyers to garage sales in your neighborhood or posted flyers strategically around town.  And talking to businesses that you are connected with to help spread the word.  Talk to your church about being involved.  Talk to your boss about being involved.  They say we are all connected to 280 people in our sphere of influence – you can help spread the word by talking with your sphere of influence about Overflow Thrift Store.  This doesn’t take much time at all, we hope everyone will like our facebook page and promote our store.  Let us know if you want to be on this team.
  1. LEAD: We have a unique opportunity for 3-4 more people to help oversee and lead the charge for this store.  We need 3-4 more people on our committee to help make the major decisions and give guidance to the store as the systems get set in place. If you think you could spare a few hours a month to meet and have discussions about the store, we’d love to talk to you about that possibility.  We are still looking for someone to oversee 2-3 more sub committees – we would love to talk to you about that if you think that could be something you’d want to do.  Also, we need a manager (or two) to run the store and oversee the volunteers.  This will be a paid position so if you know someone that might enjoy this type of work, we would love to talk with them or you about the possibilities.
  1. DONATE: We need some “stuff” to make the store run smoothly.  This category of need is for the behind the scenes type “stuff”.  We need cleaning supplies, tables, a computer and printer, a cash register, credit card machine.  We need someone to decorate our bathrooms and office spaces.  We need bookshelves and clothing racks.  Do you have stuff or are you good at finding stuff.  You could help out on our MERCHANDISING TEAM to make these things happen. Here are some specific needs right now:
    • -four full length mirrors for our dressing rooms.
    • -rolling carts to take things from the back staging area to the front
    • -12” shelving that’s 24” long.  (If it’s longer, that’s fine, we can cut it.)
    • -hangars! We’d like to use those plastic swivel head types! (You see them at just about every retails clothing store- Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Penney’s).


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