Are You Hangry?

Have you experienced being hangry (so hungry you are angry)? You’re busy and forgot to eat lunch again, and you feel your flesh rise up and demand… a steak, cookies, pizza, it doesn’t really matter, just..SOMETHING..NOW! I have been there too. “For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink.” These are […]

The Garden of Eden

When I began to ask myself, what is God’s purpose for me and my life and in my struggles, I decided to re-read the Bible starting from the very first chapter, Genesis. In my moments of exploration, God’s original purpose for us began to reveal itself to me. My focus was in the Garden of […]

Trust and Expectation

Trust and expectation are not separate entities. In order to expect something you must trust that your expectation will be met. You cannot have partial trust in your expectation and expect that your expectation will be fully met. Likewise, you cannot expect something from God, and then trust God part-time to fulfill your expectation. Like a […]