Identity, Security, Rest

Who do you say that you are?  Where does your security come from?  How do you find rest in all the stress of life’s demands?  In a study of Galatians 2:20 we search out these questions along with how our relationship to Christ can help our relationships with others.

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  1. Pastor Holly you personify this affective and well articulated lesson. The sheer undergirded power of this sculptured message is delivered by your gentle, sincere, pure, and earnestness to see women and men alike reach and live in these blessed benefits of Jesus Christ. i drew in to you unfolding the Word by your personal examples and journal entries because they reveal how Identity, Security, & Rest became real for you. Even better is how the applications were beautifully overlaid this memory verse of the believer in Galatians 2:20. Since Sunday, ppl have quoted you, i have Godly counseled directly using security and rest, and will be recommending anyone to listen to this true lesson. Thank you for your co-laboring.

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