When God Says No

No. I dated this guy for a couple of years and I thought he was “the one”. The one to put the ring on my finger, the one to sweep me off my feet and the one that I would be with until death do us part… at least that’s what I thought. Those were […]

Spiritual Beauty

We as children of God should begin to change the way we look at people, especially when it comes to love. I notice so many people who are only concerned about one thing, looks. We get so wrapped up in the outward appearance we forget appreciating a person’s true beauty is seeing the spirit inside […]

Rain brings Renewal

by Mwape Mwanakatwe “Nothing reminds us of an awakening more than rain.” ― Dejan Stojanovic Anyone who knows me knows that I can NOT stand rain. I hate getting soaked. I hate wet shoes and damp socks. I hate wet hair especially since I have natural hair which immediately goes into its original state when […]