Ezra 3 Part 3

My “so what” from this passage is having the courage to pray “dangerous prayers.”  You see, I haven’t always desired to pray dangerous prayers.  I have not trusted God enough to pray them.  Nor, have I understood the character of God well enough to pray them.  But I am learning.  And in that learning, I am being stretched to pray dangerous prayers.

Ezra 3 speaks about the character of God.  As the nation comes together in celebration of the laying of the foundation of the temple, they praise the Lord by saying, “He is good, His steadfast love endures forever.”  As the Lord has brought me into a greater understanding of his character I feel faith and trust rising in me to pray those dangerous prayers.

So what is a “dangerous prayer?”

“Lord, open my eyes.  Give me clearer vision to see You at work and to see others.  May I see myself as I am.  Remove deception and blinders from my eyes.”  I have been praying this prayer since January 1, 2020.  What makes this prayer dangerous is not the character of God, for He is always loving and good.  What makes it dangerous, is my own heart that doesn’t mean the words I am saying.  So when the Lord does open my eyes to see Him, others and myself, I am not open to receive what He has for me there.

So what is the solution to this problem?  How do I navigate this?  Where do I go?

I run back into the arms of the One who loves me and is always good.  And I run to the altar.  It is at the altar that I lay down my own will and surrender.  It is here, that I take up the will of the Lord.  It is at the altar that I die to self.  I become a “living sacrifice.”  And as I lay down myself, I am then able to take up the empowered life that the Risen Savior has given me.

So once again, “Lord, I lay down my life, my ways, my plans and I place myself fully in Your loving and good hands.  I trust You alone and as You answer my “dangerous prayers” I believe by faith, that You will give me everything I need for life and godliness.  In Jesus name, Amen.”  

What is your, “so what?”  What “dangerous prayers” do you need to pray, trusting and believing in the goodness of God to answer and give you life and grace in abundance?



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